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Surfing Real Estate

Surfing Real Estate

Last week, our very own Nakia Flueren won the prestigious title at the Mid North Coast Women’s Classic at Rainbow Beach in Bonny Hills. She seems to be equally good in her role here at Bevans as she is in her surfing, and it got me wondering do the two connect?


1. Riding the Wave

Surfers often talk about riding the wave and adjusting to the ebbs and flows of the ocean, and real estate certainly has it times of smooth sailing and of rough rides. It takes a person with a flexible attitude to ride the tide.


2. Ever Changing Conditions

Surfers watch the weather and the waves with a religious devotion. Mad enthusiasts like Nakia will always be watching but with a mind to adapting to the changing conditions. According to Nakia, the surfer can make what they will of the wave. The market is a subject often discussed in real estate - ‘is it good or is it bad?’ A good agent can produce good results either way – they adapt.


3. Good Preparation Pays Off

The board must be waxed, the leg rope functional, the wet suit suitable, your skin protected and your body tuned to take on the might of the ocean. Otherwise, you are going to be cold, burnt, sliding off your board, and possibly without it. Without intelligence and targeted preparation, real estate transactions quickly become a stressful mess.

by Tanya Demello on 17 October 2014

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