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Make Your Home a Reflection of Your Lifestyle

Make Your Home a Reflection of Your Lifestyle

Our homes should be a reflection of us and how we live. In a world of Pinterest boards, home magazines and lifestyle bloggers it is easy to be seduced into wishful thinking. As real estate agents we also have to take part of the blame because we love to style a property and get it looking its best. There is no denying that a splash of colour, the right rug and a well-chosen piece of art can take a room from ordinary to beautiful.

But our homes are much more than showcases they are the location where most of our lives are played out. So when you are looking for a home your lifestyle should be top of mind.

Here are some key questions to ask yourself at opens this weekend;


1. What do you like to spend most of your time doing?

If you love surfing then a fast track to the beach might be the key factor. Long lunches with friends? Then a big sunny deck is a must. If you love to read then a quiet nook with plenty of room for shelves needs to be considered. Remember to be both current and aspirational – be honest about whether you will actually grow that veggie patch or throw those Sunday brunches. Make sure the house supports your current lifestyle and gives you room and inspiration to grow.


2. Do you have children or pets?

You may dream of a home in resplendent white, but both children and pets come with a range of stains and mishaps that will disrupt this dream pretty quickly.


3. Are You Good at On-going Maintenance?

Some homes are set and forget while others need the attention of a demanding toddler. If you are content to spend your days playing in the garden or restaining the deck this might be the labour of love you are looking for. On the other hand if weekends are all about Saturday sport and Sunday’s on the beach, the less maintenance the better.


4. Are there spaces to cater to the rhythms of your family?

Seriously consider the layout of a property, does it allow for night owls to roam freely while early birds slumber peacefully? Is there a space for kids to play or watch TV while the adults can retreat and finish a conversation? If you work from home, is it set up so you can work while your family continues with their usual home routines?


5. Does the storage cater to your lifestyle?

The more the better, particularly for families but the right kind of storage is also important. If you love to cook then the kitchen is probably going to be well stocked. A crafty type might require a little room for their collection. A fashionista will need a walk-in robe. Is there a sensible and accessible place for surf boards and bikes? It’s well and good to have a shed in the back but tracking a bike through the house is less than ideal. Is the attic accessible without causing back injury and can floor to ceiling cupboards actually be usefully accessed?

by Tanya Demello on 03 October 2014

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