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Don’t Get Into Real Estate…YET

Parents all over the Illawarra will in the coming days be shedding many tears over their babies becoming fully baked adults as they graduate from high school. As the daughters, sons, sisters and cousins of the Bevans team enter into a new stage of their lives, we in turn are casting our minds back (some further back than others) to our own graduations from school and the possibilities we felt for the life ahead of us.

The question had to be asked, did you ever think then that you would be working in real estate? And would you advise school leavers to get into the industry?

There are only a few in our office that knew out of school that they wanted to get into the industry but most came to it after a wild and varied journey that found us somehow in a job that was exactly right.

Justin wanted to be a rally car driver and now hugs the bends and straights of the property market. Andrew came to us from the health industry and deals with people’s homes with the same consideration he gave to their hearts. Jennifer went to art school and then advertising and now combines those creative talents to keep our campaigns in line. I studied to be an artist and now craft words into interesting and engaging shapes.

For young people leaving school now, the advice from the office was universal – don’t get into real estate….YET. Get out into the world, experience different countries, people and languages, study what you are passionate about, travel to places people have never heard of, take up crazy hobbies that raise eyebrows and soak up everything life has to offer.

Then take all that experience and bring it back to the industry so that you can pioneer it and keep it growing and progressing.

Real estate is going to be one of the few industries that survives and thrives in the age of technology - because it will always require people who are good with people. Although the tools of our work are affected and improved by emerging technologies, nothing can happen without good people behind them.

To all those graduating this week, congratulations! To all those parents wondering how 18 years could have gone by so quickly, perhaps a cup of tea and a lie down is in order.

by Tanya Demello on 20 September 2014

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