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Somthing for all the Dads

This Sunday is Father’s Day, meaning many fathers will wake to the smell of burnt toast or pancakes that look like they have been run over. Followed by presents of socks, ties and ‘Best Dad’ cups (speaking of which, I better get onto that).

When it comes to our homes, dads play an integral part in making them what they are. So as well as the socks and jocks, I would like to issue a big thank you to all the dads out there who have:

  1. Spent our childhoods painting our rooms, assembling our furniture and removing our doors when they had been slammed one too many times
  2. Helped us move into our first apartments; always on the top floor and never with a lift
  3. Agreed to teach us how to mow the lawn when we bought our first place but ended up coming around every weekend to do it
  4. Burnt several sets of eyebrows and lashes manning the BBQ at family events
  5. Come with us to many, many home inspections and pointed out the cracks and lack of insulation while we focused on the deck and the claw foot bath
  6. Spent endless hours painting, sanding, planting, cleaning, tiling, rendering and generally ‘doing’ all the stuff that makes our homes look amazing
  7. Fronted up the extra cash so that we could have the successful bid at the auction and even bought us dinner to celebrate afterwards
  8. Driven us around for hours looking for just the right tile, oven, bathroom sink or fuchsia cushion
  9. Devoted summers to building decks, cleaning pools, planting flowers, mowing lawns and killing weeds while we were at the beach
  10. Spent untold hours removing dress pillows off beds while silently shaking their heads and wondering why

Happy Father Day!

by Tanya Demello on 05 September 2014

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