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Buying Naked, Property Virgins & Vanilla Ice

Buying Naked, Property Virgins & Vanilla Ice

Real Estate and Reality TV seem to go together like cheese and crackers, and there is certainly plenty of crazy to go round. Here’s our pick of the craziest and cleverest of the bunch.


Buying Naked

Imagine a reality TV show all about buying property, the show opens innocently enough with beautiful shots of immaculately appointed homes then agent Jackie Youngblood introduces our buyers, who are completely naked! Believe it or not, she is a specialist in finding homes in ‘clothing optional communities’ for nudists.

Although the homes are lovely, they don’t get much of a look in as all focus is on the strategically placed and shaped props that not only preserve the buyers modesty but also subtly poke fun at them.


The Vanilla Ice Project

Not crazy enough for you, perhaps you would like to see how Vanilla Ice (yes of Ice, Ice Baby fame) renovates homes for profit on The Vanilla Ice Project. Vanilla as well as being a 90s pop icon is also a real estate entrepreneur and expert renovator. If you just can’t get enough of Mr. Ice you could also try his other show Vanilla Ice Goes Amish.

If you don’t know who Vanilla Ice is then you need to ‘stop, collaborate and listen’.


Selling Homes Abroad

If you have always dreamt of buying a home in the South of France but don’t have the cash then Selling Homes Abroad is your solution. Host Andrew Winter takes us across Europe to witness couples that are in need of rescue after making terrible investments abroad. Once you see the woe begotten couples face problems of subsidence, repossession and local bureaucracy, your house on the beautiful south coast will seem just perfect.


Property Virgins

Although not as titillating as its title promises, Property Virgins follows the life of real estate agent Egypt Sherrod as she coaches’ first homebuyers through finding a property. The show is actually clever in that Sherrod asks buyers to guess the value of the home they want, which is usually out of their price range. She then takes the features they like and finds them a similar home in another neighbourhood and within their price range.

by Tanya Demello on 22 August 2014

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