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Be True and Speak Truth

Taking great photos, displaying beautiful signboards, sizzling text and providing exceptional opens should now be a standard in the real estate industry. These are the hallmarks of a professional business, the equivalent of wiping the sleep from your eyes as a start to the day.

For those agencies with their eyes wide open and some energy in their step, it’s going above these standard expectations and delivering something surprising and delightful that makes all the difference.

We are in the age of the experience economy. Just about all goods and services can be found at a price point to suit the consumer. People are looking beyond mere goods and services they now want an experience. And the feeling we want most from that experience is authenticity.

We want to emotionally connect with things that are truthful and genuine.


The way to deliver this as a business is simple but not easy;

1. Be True To Yourself

By honestly reflecting on your heritage and what you do presently, it means truly knowing yourself. We have been working on this for more than a year at Bevans and a few months ago published an internal document affectionately known as the ‘bird book’ with the soul (intended) purpose of knowing who we are and what we stand for.


2. Do What You Say You Will

Words can be both wonderful and dangerous. You can choose to say whatever you want to about yourself – but not living up to those words can break the trust. Trust is something we take as sacred.

Are we true to ourselves? I want to say always! But knowing yourself as an individual or as a business takes a lifetime. Our team’s ‘bird book’ is a great reminder of the type of people we are at heart.

Do we deliver on our words? I really want to say always! But we are only human and humans sadly sometimes get it wrong. I can however say that when we do get it wrong we admit the mistake, fix it and take it seriously.

If the ‘bird book’ has stirred your curiosity with visions of Bevans branching out into aviaries – come in and have a look, we are happy to let you in on the secret.

by Tanya Demello on 08 August 2014

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