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Market Knowledge

The Foragers Market started with huge fan fare three weeks ago when an amazing 6,000 people packed into Bulli playground. I arrived at what I thought was an early 9.30am and could barely move. The atmosphere was electric, the sun shining and the band pumping out some great tunes.

In the weeks that have followed the market has continued strongly but thankfully you can now move and explore a little more freely.

There are lots of advantages to shopping at the farmers market but they can be a bit overwhelming to navigate so here is our guide to rocking the farmers market.


1. Know Your Seasons
Unlike the supermarket that trucks and flies in produce to keep a consistent selection, farmers markets offer produce that is locally and seasonally grown. If you prefer to go with a list and an idea of what you will be cooking up for the week it’s best to know what is in season in your region.


2. Plan To Splurge
Farmers often grow unique fruit and vegetables and heirloom varieties so have some of your budget allocated to surprise finds. The market also has a great selection of gourmet products such as sauces, honey and cured meats. These alone can break your budget so rather than giving into every temptation, allow yourself a special treat each week or fortnight.


3. Walk a Lap
Take a walk around, soak up the atmosphere and check out what is available and what the prices are.


4. Go Early Or Go Late
Take advantage of the selection and thinner crowds by going in early or wait until the last hour to rush in for the bargains.


5. Be Prepared
Take more reusable bags than you need that way you can load up one, hand it to the vendor and they can transfer the produce into another while tallying the bill. Also, take cash in small notes as most stalls only accept cash. There is an ATM machine onsite as well.


6. Talk To Strangers
If you don’t know what something is then ask the vendor or fellow shoppers, get them to recommend recipes or give you cooking tips.


7. Go With An Empty Stomach
The mouth watering smells of the food vendors and the gorgeous display of fruit and vegetables will make you hungry regardless of the hearty breakfast you have just eaten. Take a picnic rug and enjoy a feast while listening to the live music.

For more information head to the Foragers and Farmers Market Website at

by Tanya Demello on 01 August 2014

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