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DIY Dreaming

In the midst of House Rules, the dawning of The Block Glasshouse series, the new season of Grand Designs and blustery winter days, even I am looking around Bunnings and dreaming up projects to do around the house.

Not being a very experienced DIY’er I have gathered some key strategies for success.

1. One Project At A Time
The vastness of Bunnings and Pinterest inspiration boards mean I am often tempted to dive into several projects at the same time. However success builds on success, knock of one project; bask in the accomplishment and then move onto the next.

2. Before & After
Whether it’s bragging rights at a dinner party or Likes on Facebook, a good before and after shot makes all the difference. Track your progress and keep a record of all your projects.

3. Set A Budget
Costing everything you need before hand will give you an idea of whether the project is viable. If the costs of doing it yourself are going to be close or more than hiring a professional reconsider. Weigh up whether it’s worth your time to do the job and to get it right.

4. Now & Into The Future
Whether it’s revamping a piece of furniture or redoing the tiles in your bathroom consider whether the look, materials and technique your choosing will be durable and retain its style into the future.

by Tanya Demello on 25 July 2014

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