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The Hong Kong Connection

The Hong Kong Connection

Having spent a bit of time in China and Hong Kong over the last few years, it was of relevance to read an article recently about Adler Ho, a young Australian with Hong Kong heritage who is now facilitating purchases for both Hong Kong nationals and Australians working in Hong Kong. He is a buyers agent.


He says: “Sydney is still seen as a very strong place to be, and because it is so strong, they’re looking a little bit further afield and may be looking at places that aren’t traditionally overseas investment areas. They’re happy to look at regional areas but they’re looking at larger towns like Newcastle and Wollongong. Larger established towns where there’s universities in place and also potential for growth from a commercial side of things.”


In the last year Wollongong has seen a growing interest in new building purchases from the Hong Kong side and this should grow in the future. Is that a new Yum Cha restaurant opening on Keira Street?

by Will Soeterboek on 10 July 2015

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