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Baby Boom

In 2013 the natural birth rate was 8.6% higher than the 10-year average and 19.1% up over the 30-year average. The fact is that we are having an awful lot of babies and our homes need to accommodate them well into their early twenties.

It’s not uncommon to see hugely pregnant women walking around Opens with both a blissful waddle and a laser sharp focus on finding the right property.

But what makes a kid friendly home now and into the future?



Children come with all manner of things that they trail all over the house. Look for a home with storage in every room or the ability to install storage. Also a shed or garage that can house bikes, surfboards, sports equipment and camping gear.


Study and Living Combined

With the emergence of WiFi and mobile devices, homework tends to be done in the kitchen or lounge room under the watchful eye of parents. Consider building a desk into the dining area or create special place in the lounge room to accommodate a study nook. This is also a good way to keep teenagers out of their rooms.


Rumpus Room

The trend of formal and informal living spaces is changing with more of our entertainment tending to be casual. However, second living spaces can provide a dedicated playroom while the kids are young and evolve into a separate entertainment area for teenagers.


Quiet Bedrooms

Bedrooms should be tucked away from the kitchen and living areas so that you don’t have to tip toe around once the baby is finally asleep, and that you will be able to sleep when your teenagers stay up all night playing music.


Wide Open Spaces

A sunny backyard that is fully fenced can provide a haven for young children and a great place to entertain. A back deck can become an entertainment quarter within itself. Providing a place for the family to gather and relaxation for mum and dad, while still watching over the kids.


Bathroom Hideout

A bathroom that has its elements separated so that the vanity, toilet and bath/shower can be closed off is ideal for a bustling family. However the bathroom is usually the only room in the house that locks and thus can provide sanctuary for burnt out parents to relax in the bath with a book.

by Tanya Demello on 02 July 2014

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