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The Sharp End

The Sharp End

I have been having a lot of conversations this week with people from various industries and workplaces about competition. Sometimes it starts off as a complaint about being screwed down on price, other times it is just about the aggressive nature of the business that they are in.

Of course, not everyone bases their business model on world domination, but we still need to be aware that to make ends meet you have to have some market share. Each time the conversation turns back to the “triangle”.

You see from the picture above that it is a very simple model, but still seems to apply to most businesses and our expectations around service.

Basically there are 3 things that most people require as customers. They want speedy, fast delivery. They want the service to be as cheap as possible. They want the product to be of high quality.

The basis of the model, however, is that you can only have 2 of these things at any one time. Think it through: Cheap and fast means the quality will suffer. Good quality and cheap and it will take longer to provide. Fast and good quality and you can’t expect cheap.

Have a play with this model and think about what you expect from your agent, or what your agent is promising you. One thing a good business should always strive for is quality. You can choose between the other two for your expected combo.

by Will Soeterboek on 28 May 2015

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