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Auction Action in Thirroul

Auction Action in Thirroul

Last weekend the commercial property on Lawrence Hargrave Drive known as the Buck Hamblin Shoe Shop went to auction. A large crowd attended and the result was a great achievement for the Thirroul Office, in particular for Jason Ward, who handled the campaign.

My message here is not really about the end result but about the process. In this frantic market I think it is more important than ever to consider the benefits of auction; benefits for both sellers and buyers.

The importance of a transparent campaign is a priority in any sale but it is still the auction process that provides this ultimately clear and transparent experience. To watch 10 buyers compete openly for a property and have the opportunity to walk away when they felt they had reached their limit was inspiring.

Winner winner, buyer was a grinner. By the way, watch the Buck Hamblin space. Bevans will be assisting the new owners in making it a great new addition to the northern suburbs lifestyle. It includes coffee!

by Will Soeterbork on 24 April 2015

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