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A Hot Market Means a New Game Plan

A Hot Market Means a New Game Plan

In last Wednesday’s edition of the Illawarra Mercury, the front page read “Wollongong property market: property market on the boil.


In the article, Domain’s senior economist Dr Andrew Wilson reported that the Wollongong housing market was sizzling and predicted to grow as much as 10% in 2015. In addition to that he described the suburb’s robust performance to date as similar to Sydney.


From Dr Wilson’s perspective the reasons for growth in Wollongong and surrounding suburbs in the past year has been its level of affordability verses the Sydney market and other supporting factors such as diverse economic drivers, strong job growth and falling unemployment.


This news has delighted sellers but at the same time worried a lot of buyers who have been trying to secure that elusive home or investment. Don’t give up, you can still buy and buy well in a hot market but knowing how and being well prepared is crucial.


We hear first-hand the struggles that buyers face and we are here to help. We don’t like seeing people miss out and this has been one of the drivers in putting together this Comprehensive but Simple Guide to Buying A Home.


We hope you enjoy the read and find ways to adapt your approach. You’ve got this!

by Will Soeterboek on 06 March 2015

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