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Celebrate the Year of the Sheep at Home

Celebrate the Year of the Sheep at Home

We found this great article and knew it was worth sharing...

"February 19 marks the first day of the year in the Chinese calendar – and this year is particularly special as we celebrate the Year of the Wooden Sheep (also known as the Ram, Lamb and Goat, and by the colour Green). Because the Sheep is the eighth sign in the Chinese calendar, and ‘eight’ is considered to be a lucky number, 2015 promises to be a prosperous year (here’s hoping!) with the alluring qualities of renewal, growth and balance.

Those that celebrate the Lunar New Year are already celebrating across the country with a vibrant spectacle of street festivals, complete with Chinese lanterns, traditional foods and performingarts. The most important rituals, however, are taking place within the home. Read on to find out how you can celebrate the Year of the Sheep in your home, and be at one with the flock."

The full article is available here on Houzz

by Will Soeterboek on 23 February 2015

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