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Hashtag Bevans

Hashtag Bevans

Social networks are used by 73% of adults online and 52% of them use multiple sites. This, in turn, multiplies the ways in which we relate and experience products and services.  

The latest phenomena of aggregating websites to make our consumer choices easier to make will be short lived. While it might be convenient to go to trivago or for information, they do nothing for our deeper appreciation of the product or service. It means so much to consumers to discover things for themselves, especially when the transaction is important. 

Holidays and property are the two things that come to mind. Clients want to know more about the brand, the potential experience, the attitude attached to the offering. It is so important to check out your potential agents website and whatever else they do. It is a great window into the culture and attitude of the people and the business. 

Check out, check out, check….and please join up and enjoy the experience.

by Will Soeterboek on 19 February 2015

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