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The Coffee Index - A Belated Part 2

The Coffee Index - A Belated Part 2

After a long hiatus since my weekly routine of writing the newsletter, it was quite daunting stepping back up to the plate. But listening to tennis commentators waxing lyrical about how rusty a player can be, the first few matches in a new season I can be excused for this heavily corroded wordsmith.

Ok, so why ‘coffee index’ as the topic for the comeback piece? Well after deciding to take on the advice of a sports psychologist, to visualise best moments when recapturing lost form, my mind immediately remembered my most popular article, ‘The Coffee Index.’

Way back when my hair was blonde and not grey, I wrote ‘The Coffee Index’ article to describe the phenomenon of the booming Thirroul real estate market. I was able to prove (very loosely) that the greater the influx of coffee shops to a suburb, the higher the rise in house prices. There was also a correlation between the number of coffee shops and the ‘oversupply’ of real estate agents. Although the article pondered whether it could have been the lure of higher prices attracting agents, it was more fun to suggest that the sweet smelling Arabica beans were drawing the march of agents (agencies) up the Northern Distributor.

You will laugh at the irony of it all, because as I write this article I am sitting in one of Wollongong’s burgeoning number of funky coffee shops. So much so, when recently asked by the Mercury for my theory on the rapid growth in prices of West Wollongong, I suggested that it was the sudden influx of coffee shops to the Gong’s CBD and surrounds that were attracting buyers to the city fringe. Cafes such as Lee and Me, His Boy Elroy and Sifters are re-shaping Wollongong. Not only has the city vibe been re-vitalised, but so has the trajectory at city fringe house prices.

So there you go, the ‘coffee index’ is once again proven (once again very loosely) and my writing comeback is complete.

As a footnote, when the first ‘coffee index’ article was written I did mock my fellow agents coffee induced trance which attracted them north. I now recall when Will proposed a new office in Wollongong and what sealed the deal was the sampling of the fine new coffee establishments in the area. Oh dear, I am becoming just like the rest of them…

by Andrew Hedley on 23 January 2015

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