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Do We Really Need Real Estate Agents?

One of our staff members is currently selling their home. Of course they have listed with Bevans and it has been fascinating to witness the dynamics of working with someone who both knows the industry and our office intimately.


What has surprised me most is that it has been business as usual. The schedule of meetings, the design of the marketing campaign, the reporting back of feedback and the regular vendor meetings are happening just as they would have for any other client.


Last night at 6pm they came into our office for a vendor meeting where they went over every detail of their campaign, talked strategy and spent a long time nutting out their future plan. Almost half the meeting was spent going through other homes in the area that they are interested in buying and getting the agents advice.


I would have thought if anyone was capable of both selling and buying a house on their own it would have been our staff. But then I realised the key thing a good real estate agent helps you do is manage your emotions so that you can look at the facts objectively and make decisions with clarity.


Buying, selling, renting or even holiday letting affects us in a deeply emotional way, the idea of ‘home’ is tied up with everything that is important to us: family, security, legacy and our future.


With an emerging world of technology and accessibility to information, I do look around and wonder for how long our skills may be needed? But then I see time and again that objectivity, clarity and calmness result in significant financial gains and a lot less heartache for the consumer.


Agents are the ones that show you the forest when all you can see are the individual trees and that kind of perspective is priceless.

by Tanya Demello on 13 November 2014

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