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A Giving Company

A Giving Company

On Sunday the Bevans team woke at 5.30am to get to our posts in Woonona and Scarborough for the MS Sydney to Gong bike ride. Our task was simple; hand out water, fruit and cheer like hell. By the time the riders got to our first post they had already ridden a huge 65km in a gale and then slogged through 84km to our next stop with only 6km more to go. They were tired, injured, hot, and they were heroes.

It is estimated that 23,000 Australians are currently living with MS with 1000 new patients being diagnosed every year. It is very much a worthy cause, and to be willing to give up a Sunday and forfeit your ability to walk (and let’s face it sit down) on Monday is pretty amazing. Our team gets behind the effort every year and after being told we were the best cheering squad last year, we raised our voices even louder.

I got into work on Monday to find our weekly memo from the head honcho with a link to an interview with entrepreneur Dr Sam Prince, who has expanded his successful chain of Mexican restaurants into Thailand. Their guiding ambition is to use their profits to fund programs to address poverty, education and opportunity for the disadvantaged. An example is their Plate4Plate program which provides a plate for food to someone in need for every plate purchased. Will left us with instructions to be as abundant and thoughtful in our work.

Andy Warhol famously said that ‘Good business is the best art” but I would add that good business, that is also a giving business, is the best art.

We are fortunate to be involved in our customer’s lives at a time when they are making a big transition that will make their lives better. But we are constantly looking for ways to be a more giving business, whether it’s the small ways we are kind to each other in the office, or by cheering on Sunday morning until we can’t speak on Monday.

If you wish to donate to either the MS Sydney to Gong or Plate4Plate follow the links;

MS Sydney to Gong

Plate for Plate

by Tanya Demello on 06 November 2014

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